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Monkey Devkit – A collection of development gems

Published on Mar 15, 2014

Sven Pachnit GitHub Twitter StackOverflow

We use a gem internally which is just a dependency to load even more dependencies which are helpful for developing/debugging Ruby (on Rails) applications. It also has some wrapper logic to maintain a Devkit-file to enable/disable components. They can get annoying... yeah I'm looking at you rack profiler :)

I don't know if it makes sense to release the gem but I will certainly unleash the list of productivity and here it is...

Must have

pryPowerful IRB replacement
pry-docprovides MRI Core documentation and source code for pry
pry-navteaches Pry about step, next and continue commands
pry-byebug(similar to pry-nav) Adds step, next, finish and continue commands and breakpoints to Pry using byebug.
pry-railsMake Pry to your `rails console`
awesome_printPretty print object for nice debugging output (especially with pry)
xray-railsPress a shortcut, click on whatever on your page, be in the view/partial
quiet_assetsHides asset requests from your development.log

Mail & Mailer

Just two in this categoy. I would always, always, always install letter_opener when working with production data on your machine. Who would work with production data? We.. ehhh... don't!

letter_openerOpenes every delivered email in your browser, join the safe side ;)
mail_viewmailer preview in your browser, perfect for designing these shitty HTML constructs!
MailCatcherLike a combination of the last two gems. "Catches mail and serves it through a dream."

Other stuff

bullethelp to kill N+1 queries and unused eager loading
better_errorsDon't know why they don't have Rails 4 route overview inside or why Rails doesn't have any of these cool features... Really weird error or stacktrace? Disable better_errors temporarly, that might help in edge cases.
binding_of_callerEnables better_errors' awesome REPL right on your exception page!
rack-mini-profilerDidn't really get the use of it and it can spam your javascript console but noteworthy
rails_best_practicesProvides executable to scan your app for improvements and vulnerabilities
brakemanPowerful vulnerability scanner for rails applications
coffee-rails-source-mapsEnable source maps for coffeescript files
sass-rails-source-mapsEnable source maps for scss files

What are source maps? The web inspector and the javascript console displays the position in the original source file rather then in the compiled version so you directly know where to start hunting the bugs!

Questions, suggestions or other cool gems we've missed? Leave a comment and let us know!

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